I could have not asked for more in a school than Little Angels Montessori. Our daughter completed the Montessori program, from start to finish from the age of 18 months and recently graduated. Each and every one of her teachers and support staff have been instrumental in her success, both socially and academically. Teachers here treat us like family. She has now grown into a confident, bright, smart, and social young child, with a bright future ahead. I had no hesitation in sending my second daughter to the infant program at 12 months. Within days, she adjusted, and now shows so much growth intellectually since starting the program. The level of education is second to none, with high academic expectations, and helping to push my daughter to her fullest potential. My family and daughters will miss Little Angels. I hope they continue to experience the same warmth, encouragement, and nurturing environment as Little Angels as they move ahead.

Thank you for everything!

Harman and Noniya Shahi



June 2018

My daughter was two and a half, very shy and sensitive little girl. We moved into the area and I had to switch her from her old preschool to one in the hwy 27 and Nashville area. When interviewing schools in the area, I walked into Little Angels Montessori, and both my daughter and I felt at home. Walking in the doors, we were treated as family and my baby girl went and played and learned. My fears of her not being able to adjust to a new preschool were immediately dissolved. At that moment, I immediately enrolled her and we have never looked back; every morning, we walk through Little Angels doors and it’s like seeing family every morning... my baby’s second home.

Thanks Little Angels, you have made moving schools a very easy transition. Not only is the staff sensitive to my child’s emotional needs, but you provide my child with a great education, and for this I am forever grateful!

Jackie Giovinazzo-Isoufi


To Ms. Sharmaine, Ms. Tameena, Ms. Simran, Ms. Marilyn, Ms. Vlada and all others who have taught Zak!  I wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for helping Zak grow and mature during his pre school year.  I still remember dropping Zak off and feeling so sad leaving him as he cried.  Our drive to school used to be so dreadful for him.  It quickly turned into the complete opposite where Zak was not only excited to go to school but would leave me with a big hug, smile, and a kiss!   His year at LAMS helped shape him into a wonderful 4 year old who is so respectful and loving to everyone he meets.  He thoroughly enjoyed all that he learned and would practice piano and his French at home daily!  He loved all his teachers and classmates and spoke of you all daily.  My husband and I are truly grateful for providing Zak with such a caring and nurturing environment in which he was able to grow, mature, and build meaningful relationships.  I know I will miss our morning routine and drive to school, during which zak would sing along with the songs on the radio :)

Thanks once again and hopefully you will be seeing Aydin in 2 years!!

Oma & Sheraz



Little angels was great! They really brought my son to the ‘next level’ in terms of learning. They guided him in terms of building his condifdence and understanding the importance of having a good relationship with his teachers and peers.

Months after his enrolment, I started noticing changes in his speech, written abilities, etc. It was a great lead into JK!

Thank you,
Claudia Campanaro


We have been Little Angels Montessori parents for over 5 years. Both of our children were enrolled at 18 months and although I had a difficult time leaving them at school each morning, I knew the girls were in a safe, clean and loving environment. The staff were all attentive and made the transition easier not only for my girls but also for me.

During this period of time, we have watched our girls flourish intellectually and socially. The program is stimulating and challenging as it allows the child to learn at their own pace. My eldest (7), went on to a catholic elementary school and has excelled in all subjects, specifically reading, comprehension and spelling. LAMS has everything to do with providing this significant head start! Our youngest (4), will be graduating this year and we are amazed and proud of her tremendous progress to date.

My husband and I are grateful to the staff of LAMS for providing such a nurturing environment to both our children. Best investment we made for our girls.

I would absolutely recommend LAMS to any parent looking for a more independent educational learning experience for their child.

Domenica and Roy


Little Angels Montessori school has been a part of our lives since 2012. Our youngest daughter started in the toddler program at 14 months, moved up into Casa at 2.5 and continued on there until she was 4.5. Our oldest daughter started in Casa at 2.5 and continued there until she was 5.

Despite the fact that both girls were part time at Little Angels, their learning during their time there was amazing. Both left with a strong knowledge of reading and math, which will give both a strong foundation when they transition to catholic elementary school. Their lessons also involved geography, science, music and french. We really liked that Little Angels uses a child centred approach to nurture their learning. In addition to a good academic base, many people (teachers, neighbours, friends and even babysitters) often comment on how respectful and gracious our daughters are, compared to others their age. Little Angels definitely had a part to play in this.

We would recommend Little Angels Montessori school and their staff to other parents. Pricing is comparable to the cost of traditional “daycare” but what your children receive is so much more.

Darren and Tina McBrien


Hi Ms. Sharmaine,

My daughter has been at LAMS for 3 years now. I remember first deciding to start her in preschool. Filled with anxiety, I headed out on a quest to find the "best" school for my daughter. I visited 5 schools and quickly learned that being the best meant different things to different schools. I stopped my search when I discovered LAMS because they were best suited for my daughters needs and mine. I was given the opportunity to ween my daughter into a routine of half day and all it took in the end was watching the teacher in the toddler room interact with my daughter for about 10 minutes. I saw her hug and hold my daughter, a deeply genuine affection. For a first time mom, nothing was more important for me than for her to get love and attention like she did at home. Serena was only 17 months when she started at LAMS, now 3 years later she is a vibrant, respectful, intelligent, extremely loving and social child. The teachers and principals at LAMS are responsible for that. They have helped carry what we try to teach our daughter at home into her school life. They are incredibly accommodating and work with you to make sure your child is getting the education she deserves in a fun, joyful environment. Not often do children dread summer break, or days off , and that is a testament to the environment they provide for my daughter. A place where her curiosity and mind are challenged, where she has made amazing friends and has a love for her teachers beyond anything I would have ever predicted. I am immensely happy with the decision I made to put Serena in LAMS, never once have I regretted the decision and am saddened it will come to an end soon. I only hope her future educational institutes are also precisely my definition of is the best for my daughter. Thank you teachers, we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do.

We love you!
Mani DeSimone


Dear Sharmaine, Anna and all staff at L.A.M.S.,

I wanted to write to thank you for the amazing experiences and educations both my daughters received while attending your school. As you know, Cayley has been there since she was 1, and recently graduated. I also enrolled Emily into L.A.M.S. at 1 yr old. Throughout the years, I have watched them grow from babies into extremely well adjusted, social, curious and smart girls, eager to learn new things and interact with their teachers and friends.

The caliber of your teachers and the education they have received is phenomenal, and this has resulted in the building of a strong foundation for their future. For this I will always be grateful. However, in addition, they have learned generosity, courtesy, thoughtfulness and respect, which is just as important in terms of life skills.

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for loving, caring for, and teaching my kids. They love you with all their hearts and you will always have a special place in our hearts! They would not be who they are today without you all.

I would highly recommend your school in a heartbeat to any parent looking to provide their child with an amazing start to life.

Thanks again for everything,
Amy Lee



To Ms. Sharmaine and All teachers of Little Angels Montessori School,

It has been a great pleasure having you teach our son, Praneel. Your great knowledge and expertise have helped him grow in more than one area. His crying mornings were turned into an exciting mornings. You are all caring, giving and supportive group of teachers who every student would love to have. Praneel really liked being at school and have always praised not only the teachers, but also the students. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment towards your students. You have not only helped Praneel grow academically, but socially as well. It was great to see when he would come home and tell us how good of a day he had at school. Ms. Sharmaine, you are a wonderful person who loves her students just like her own children. After seeing how loving and caring you were with Parminder, we had no doubts bringing Praneel to your school. We appreciate all of your positive learning and safe playing environment you provide to your students. If your school had grade one and above, we would have kept Praneel in Little Angels Montessori School. I always felt at ease after dropping him off knowing that he was at a safe place with wonderful teachers. Your close attention to his lunch meals and tasks is much appreciated. Please extend our sincere thanks to all teachers, especially Ms. Marisel and Ms. Tahmeena.

Wishing you all the very best in the upcoming years and will certainly be missed by all of us!!

Vimmi & Sanjeev Sharma



Dear Ms. Zalunardo & Ms. Sharmaine,

I wanted to take some time to let you know how grateful I am to the both of you, your staff and the overall operation of your establishment.

I was impressed back in the summer of 2010 when I visited with Ms. Zalunardo. My son Matteo was 2 years old and I felt that he was ready to interact with other toddlers and because I was expecting another child, Olivia, I wanted time to spend with the baby one on one.

Little Angels was recommended to me by a neighbour that sent her children there. I loved the fact that it wasn’t just a day care but a learning facility. Ms. Zalunardo made me feel very comfortable. She explained the curriculum to me and I was very impressed with the method of teaching.

My biggest concern was, how would my son do without me for a few hours a day? Would he be well taken care of? If he got hurt, would they hold him and cuddle him like I would? How well would he nap? All the questions and concerns a new mom would have when leaving their child for the first time. My anxieties were all put to ease. Matteo graduated from Little Angels in the spring of 2014. Since then, he’s been doing well at school socially and academically.

Olivia will be graduating from SK next year. Ms. Sharmaine together with Ms. Tahmena have been instrumental in teaching Olivia. A special bond has been created especially with Ms. Sharmaine. Olivia will definitely miss her! I think I will be so emotional that day as well, as I will miss all the staff, parents and children at Little Angels. It’s amazing how friendships grow over the years. We have become a family!

I would highly recommend Little Angels Montessori School to any parent! A place you can most definitely trust that your child is well taken care of and is learning to the best of their ability.

Thank you for taking care of our “little angels”, educating them academically and on important life skills. Your lessons are invaluable and will help them become independent in the years to come.

Mara Federici



Thank you Sharmaine, Anna, an all the staff of little angels Montessori school for providing such a warm and inviting environment. My children have enjoyed very much attending little angles Montessori school. They have continued to expand their knowledge from your dedication to optimize their learning abilities as well as enforcing positive behaviour and manners. For me their smiles say it all! We look forward to next year.

Thank you,
Mary loo Cali



My son has attended LAM for the past 2.5 years and has grown tremendously through the program. Not only is the program executed beautifully, but also the teachers have been extremely loving and nurturing. I would highly recommend LAM for any parent who wants to actively participate in their child's positive educational development.

Anne M.



I simply can’t say enough about the staff at Little Angels Montessori. Leaving your child in someone else’s care is a terrifying thing, but they understood how overwhelming that was, and from day one, they took care of my daughter as if she was one of their very own. Their patience and kindness made all the difference. My daughter was happy to go to school everyday, looking forward to the fun activities and interactions with friends and caregivers who she loved and trusted. Montessori Little Angels was truly a blessing to us for three years. We thank them all, from the bottom of our hearts: Ms. Sharmaine, Ms. Anna, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Marisel, Ms. Zoey, Miss, Ana, for how much they helped our little one grow academically, socially and emotionally. And we thank you all for your friendship as well. It is something we will continue to cherish.




I want to thank Little Angles Private School for all they have done with my two boys. This is a fantastic educational environment. Both my sons' came to your school barely holding a pencil, and are now both reading and writing. Both boys learned all of their sounds and began reading before Junior Kindergarten! They both love math and music, all of which was fostered from the loving, encouraging teachers that they have there. Thank you for giving my children a better education through the small class sizes, multi-faceted approach you offer! And, I can't compliment you without mentioning the best-ever, over-the-top, Christmas and end-of-year concerts you plan and execute for your students family and friends. My family look forward to my children perform and are astonished by the dedication of the teachers and Principal's at Little Angles for placing such an important emphasis on the Arts at this young age!

Again, I am so happy and thankful for my experience with this school and recommend them to all my family and friends!

Diana Gulizia



Little Angels Montesorri is a wonderful school with a loving and dedicated team of teachers and staff. We currently have our three children enrolled at Little Angels. They have flourished academically since being at school and I am amazed at all the things they have accomplished in the last 12 months . They also have a music component, my two older children have learned to play the piano. No one has done anything more important for us than you and your team. Ms. Sharmaine, you and your staff are professional, caring, happy, accomadating, competent and loving. I can highly recommend Little Angels to anyone looking for a loving structured environment for their children to learn and develope into confident and school ready children.

Sabrina M.